The Cold- Shoulder Trend

A latest trend, though not so new in the fashion arena, but still catching up with the women folk is the cold shoulder trend. It is a top or a dress with a cut over the portion covering the shoulder part of our body, giving an impression of a ‘bare- shoulder’.

It looks subtle with a slight hint of sexiness to it. It’s a cool trend that is a major comeback from the 80’s and is being followed on the red carpet as well. You can team your top with jeans, pants, skirt or even shorts, depending on the occasion. The dress can be worn as such with different accessories adding onto the charm of the dress. You have full sleeves, half or even quarter sleeves available in this style which looks chic when you pair them with the right amount of accessories and a hairstyle to go along with it, as you wouldn’t want anything to take the away the attention from that almost-sexy thing.

It is still yet to be seen whether this trend will be for a long-term or is just another passing-by thingy.

Here, leaving you with some of the ways in which our actresses have styled them in different ways.


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